Ellie's Portrait Session (ft. Arie)

When I went to meet up with Ellie, I was honestly so exhausted. I was still recovering from a long work week and had photographed and edited a session earlier that day.

I was really doubting my creativity and skills when we started taking photos. I felt like my pose ideas weren’t working out and the locations weren’t as interesting as they could be. After a little bit, I started to loosen up and things began to fall into place. Once I started editing, I felt like my confidence was restored. Not because these are the best photos, the best locations or poses, but because Ellie’s true beauty and elegance was shining!

She is radiant.

And then I remember, the photos are for her. She asked me to take these photos because she wanted to have some documentation of herself. She was looking back for a photo of herself and couldn’t find any after her high school senior portraits. She is a beautiful woman and deserves to look at photos of herself and feel that! We had a great time walking around and trying out poses even if they felt a little weird at first. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, either way we had so much fun taking them.


After we relocated, I felt like the magic really began to happen! When I was feeling stuck, I decided to take some risks and practice some in-camera double exposure photos.

In the past, I’ve only ever played with this setting at home. I’ve seen it done beautifully by so many wedding photographers I follow on social media, but it has never been a go-to setting I use with a model or a client.

1/10 usually turn out alright for me, but Ellie and this beautiful skyline just clicked! After Arie joined us, I wanted to depict these beautiful gals and the wonderful city we all live in and have had the pleasure to all meet in. Sadly, the sun began to set quickly and we had to call it a wrap on the photos. I would definitely recommend roof top photo sessions at sunset. Also, I would recommend trying something different. Try something you aren’t comfortable with, there is no way you can predict the result.


Chris & Relin Engagement

I am seriously obsessed with these two!

A while back, Chris messaged my on Instagram and asked if I would be interested in an engagement session for him and his fiance. I met Chris years ago in a college English 101 class! I felt like we had a bond because our prof was wild and our table of four made it through the course as a team. We all exchanged our socials and phone numbers and have kept up with each other online since!


I had never met Relin until we had our consultation over coffee but I could tell she was a gal with a vision! I was so excited to take on the challenge of bringing her ideas to life. Her inspiration was the Addam’s family, dark colors, spooky woods, and candle light!


Our first location was outside Fountain st Church. It would have been a bonus if we could have gotten inside, but the architecture outside seemed like a perfect complement to the wooded photos we would take at sunset.

I had scouted out Townsend park to be the perfect place for these photos! The way the light still comes in through the tall skinny trees is stunning.

The best surprise of this location was how the color of the sun hitting the trees brings together Relin’s firey hair and the flames of the candles.. holy harmony!


Moral of the story: If you ever take photos at dusk/ sunset in the woods, bring candles.

These photos were so romantic and perfectly depicting the style of this couple! They were so much fun to work with and so prepared! I brought a couple candles along with me, but Relin brought multiple tea lights, candle sticks, and a rose. She also bought that dress at Burlington and sewed the sleeves on herself! How bad ass!!

I am so excited to announce as well that I will be photographing their wedding next summer. This is my first wedding booked for 2020 and I am beyond honored and excited that these two trust me to capture their special day and to capture it in their own specific style. Thank you Chris and Relin! Congrats!