Michaeleen & Ridley

Michaeleen and I were two ships in the night when we first met! I actually was her replacement at the coffee shop after she landed a dream job at a local church. We never actually got to work a shift together, but we always had such easy and kind interactions in passing.

As I’ve been dog sitting more as a side hustle, I have been photographing pups and sharing them on instagram :) She reached out to me and asked if we could do some photos with her best pal!


Ridley was such a sweet and kind border collie! We even talked with a gentleman on our walk who told us all about how he had a border collie and how he believed they were hands down the smartest dogs out there. He even suggested we watch a video about a pup named Dazzle. He told us to look it up on “that thing.. whats it called.. the internet?”

Worth a watch.

Thank you Michaeleen and Ridley for a great afternoon walk and refreshing coversations :)