Kayden & Kylie- Best Friend Session

On an overcast/ rainy day I met up with Kayden and Kylie downtown and was so excited to document their friendship!

This session was a gift from Kayden to Kylie for her birthday. I haven’t had anyone approach me to do a friendship celebration shoot before and I am in love with this idea!

These two met through a home school center (6+ years ago) and their friendship has blossomed in the past few years! Kayden had just graduated from Dougals J Aveda a few days ago and Kylie is just finishing up her last year of high school. It was so neat chatting with them about how home schooling and being self directed was such an important part of their lives!

While photographing them I kept thinking of my own best girl friends. These friendships are so special and life giving and deserve to be celebrated just as much as romantic! I have done family photos, senior photos, birth photos, couples, engagements, but never a best friend session before.

Taking the time to get photos taken is a way to memorialize where you are at in that time, who you are, your style and fashion, and what a better person to document that with than your best friend; the person that is there with you through the ups and downs no matter what.


Thank you so much Kayden and Kylie for being such wonderful gals and having such a beautiful friendship! Congrats to you two for all you are accomplishing in your life right now, and best of luck to the future :)