Lainey Sharkey- Senior

Lainey’s senior session couldn’t have landed on a better day! The sun was truly our friend and we got some really dreamy shots at Lake Michigan.

Lainey is from my neighborhood back where I grew up, in New Hudson. When her mom Jennifer reached out to me for photos, I was so excited when they said they wanted to take photos on the beach at Lake Michigan!

We ended up going to Kirk Park and had such a wonderful time :) Lainey and were climbing all up and down the dunes and even playing in the water, and yes I did end up driving the hour home soaking wet but it was totally worth it.


This was my first time taking photos at Wealthy Studio’s and I was so happy with the results. I was a little flustered after arrival but everything fell into place. One of our missions of the day was to take Lainey’s year book senior photo. We needed a blue backdrop and a professional headshot for her. I couldn’t find the backdrops anywhere, and then she found them in the bathroom! go figure.

After a minute or two, we had everything set up and were back in action. We then walked around east town and took some city- style photos with the cobble stone brick road and a dreamy blue wall just behind wealthy studio’s.


Overall, this was such a lovely session on a beautiful summer day! I am so proud of Lainey for all of her acomplishments and so honroed to have been hired to document this special part of her life :) Thanks, Laniey!